20 ESL Conversation Questions about Halloween

  1. When is Halloween celebrated?
  2. Do you know the history of Halloween?
  3. In which countries is Halloween celebrated?
  4. Is Halloween celebrated in your country?
  5. Do you / Would you like to celebrate Halloween?
  6. How do people decorate their homes on Halloween?
  7. What kind of things do you need to celebrate Halloween?
  8. Would you like to attend a Halloween party?
  9. What kind of costume would you like to wear at a Halloween party?
  10. Do you like pumpkins? What colour are they?
  11. What kind of costumes do people wear on Halloween?
  12. What is “trick or treat”?
  13. Do you think Halloween is dangerous for children? Why?
  14. Do you like shopping for Halloween?
  15. Would you wear make-up for Halloween?
  16. Do you like watching Halloween films? Which one is your favourite? Who is in it?
  17. Do you think Halloween is scary or fun? 
  18. Would you like to celebrate Halloween in a different country? Where would you like to go?
  19. Do you like books about Halloween? Which one is your favourite story?
  20. Do you like to go out and get lots of Halloween sweets? What else do people eat on Halloween?