1. Do you like reading?
  2. How often do you read?
  3. What kind of books do you like reading?
  4. What kind of books don’t you like reading?
  5. Do you read everyday?
    Do you read English books?
  6. Do you think reading English books can improve your English?
  7. What do you think about classics? Do you read them? Do you know any classic authors?
  8. How many books do you read in a month? In a year?
  9. Do you read best sellers? What do you think about best sellers?
  10. Do you read fiction or non-fiction?
  11. Do you read authors from different countries?
  12. What is your favourite book? Who is the author? What is it about?
  13. What is the funniest book you have ever read? Who is the author? Tell us about it.
  14. Who is your favourite writer/author? What is your favourite book of her/him?
  15. Do you belong to any book clubs? How often do you read new books? 
  16. If you don’t like a book, will you still continue reading it?
  17. Do you read any ebooks? What do you think about ebooks?
  18. Do you think ebooks will replace physical books one day?
  19. Do you go to libraries? Do you read books at the libraries? Do you borrow any books from the library in your hometown?
  20. Do you like films based on books? Which one is better: the book or the movie based on it?
  21. Some people don’t read books or read very rarely, why?
  22. Why is literature/books important in our lives?
  23. What do you think about the book prices in your country? Are they too high? Can everyone buy any books they want easily?
  24. Should children read books for fun or for education?
  25. Do you think it is necessary for children to meet with books before they go to school?
  26. Imagine one of your friends borrowed a book from your shelves and hasn’t turned it back. What would you do? Would you tell him/her to bring it back or wait for your friend to do so?
  27. Talk about a book you have read recently? What is it about? Who are the characters, please describe their personalities. What kind of a book is it? Do you enjoy the author’s style?